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About Us

A Vision Was Born!

Level-Up Academy was birth in 2019, where the visionary, Geneva Eason had a vision of caring for the need and education of the youth.


Level-Up Academy is an after school and summer camp program that provides an enriched learning environment that has helped countless students learn, develop and grow. Our unparalleled curriculum and teaching methods help students take the next step in their education and approach the future with confidence.


We are a program that serves 90 percent low-income families that attend Title 1 schools.  Our main focus is to close educational gaps through creative learning styles that make students understand the importance of education.

We put emphases on both reading and math to help students become productive citizens in our local community. We also implement experiences that are life changers in the mind set of students that make them aim high in our society.

Our Belief:

  • The ability to do all things through dedication and hard work

  • "YES YOU CAN"  - the focus point in having the students believe in themselves no matter how many failures or obstacles they face.


We have the privilege of teaching bright and curious students in Wilson, NC and the surrounding areas. If you’re new to our community and would like to learn more about our values, academics, teaching staff or anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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